MMOD: Monday’s Black Owned Motivation #3

Yes, like we said before, we all know how Monday’s can be. It’s the start of a new week and new beginnings, but it can also be stressful. You might have to deal with a workload you don’t even enjoy, while in your ‘wildest dreams’ you are doing everything you love.

We might have many plans to start our own thing, our very own businesses, but we don’t always feel motivated to get up and do what it takes to make ‘the dream work’. It might seem impossible, but we can all turn our deepest desires into something tangible. If only we are willing to do the work. So let us do what we do on Monday: sprinkle some business motivation for you.

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New Skool Rules Goes NL

The biggest international Urban Music conference and festival decided to ‘stay close to home’ for the first time in the ‘The New Skool Rules’ history. The three-day conference, which is friday May 18th for many many years focused only on international talent in the industry. Stg. Epitome Entertainment, who is behind NSR, decided that there needed to be a specific day for Dutch people (or people who speak Dutch) to experience a conference about the Dutch market. Artists, producers, songwriter, labels and publishers who are focusing on the Dutch market can visit NSRNL on Sunday May 20th!

Tickets are still available so go get yours if you want to be a part this!